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12 Jul, Friday
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The BuzZzketeers


In a bustling city where everyday something new happens, it’s unacceptable when people live their lives in monotony. That’s where we come in. exists to help people get plugged into everything that’s BuzZzing.
That extra Z? It stands for everything we are made of – our zest for life and our zeal for telling real good stories.
That’s what makes us UAE’s freshest, sassiest, and hippest news platform for the everyone young at heart!


We are zippy, a little zany, and always BuzZzing. We go around town, painting it red, blue, or whatever shines
through, only to fetch stories for you. Be it the doughnut run or the supercar parade, squid game, or squid salt
and pepper, we are always BuzZzing.

Abhishek Sengupta

A failed chef, an aspiring sommelier, and a 'joker dad' to a 10-year-old, Abi is the team's pretentious founder- editor. An award-winning journalist and an acclaimed public speaker in the past, he gets buzZzing with food, travel, and Arsenal FC.


With an uncanny talent for identifying the perfect shot, Niyaz is BuzZzing's go-to man for evocative imagery. He is also our stunning in-house video editor who's made hundreds of stylish commercial and time-lapse videos.

Yakshika Suryawanshi
Social Media Manager

A social media enthusiast, Yakshika has a major in marketing from the land of the Big Ben. She describes herself as a bubbly and fun-loving ambivert. Music and travel are her true loves but you might catch her cheating on them with dance

Jibran Munaf
Content Manager

Jibran is an enthusiastic journalist that enjoys the art of digital storytelling. He functions on a thought process which is a concoction of old dogma and new innovation. Always looking for the next story.

Manaal Fatimah
Content Intern

An avid reader and writer, Manaal is known for her passion for telling stories. She reads everywhere, on the metro, bus, and even in her dreams. When she isn't absorbed in a book, she can be found cuddling with cats, sleeping, and collecting an obscene amount of shoes.

David Light
Podcast Producer

More years than he cares to remember in Middle East journalism has taught David two lessons. First, even when the situation appears 'put to bed', always prepare for events to evolve at the 11th hour and, most importantly, never schedule a meeting for 9am. With his BuzZzing podcast you'll be able to follow the region's ever-expanding journey Monday to Friday with all the latest news, views and opinions from the only local site you need to keep you in the know.

Mahesh Somnath
Content manager

The resident ursine of, Mahesh can always be found jumping from one obsession to the other and sometimes even writes about them. While not juggling hobbies, writing, and existential crises, he tries to get people to call him Nakashima.

Tirtho Banerjee
Editor - Output

With over 20 years of experience in journalism, Tirtho can smell the news like an African elephant and pounce on lapses in a report. He has three collections of poems to his credit.

Sudhashree Dash
Editor - Input

A journalist by heart, soul, and work, Sudhashree is a digital ninja who loves to create real art through her stories. While not curating stories, she’s cooking, listening to music, and spending time on social media (She swears this is healthy).

Shuhaib cp

The resident web genius at BuzZzing, Shuhaib is possibly the quietest person in the office. However, he is anything but when he starts creating websites. In fact, this work of beauty (AKA the BuzZzing site) is his baby!

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