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14 Apr, Sunday
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5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about ’83’

’83’ is a pretty significant film because it tells the story of a landmark moment in Indian cricketing history – the 1983 World Cup, which India won by beating the reigning legends, West Indies – to a generation that wasn’t there to witness it. 

Ranveer Singh plays the part of Kapil Dev, the then captain of the Indian cricket team and guaranteed entrant to the cricketer Hall of Fame. He played some astonishing cricket and broke a world record during the tournament. 

The whispers of the tabloid world have already made it known that Singh stayed at Dev’s house for 10 days to spend time with him and pick up his mannerisms. The effort paid off, for he did indeed incapsulate Dev and his person with near perfection. 

This may be common knowledge but there’s a whole world out there and that world is made up of an ensemble cast, an epic movie and a behind-the-scenes like no other. Cool stories and interesting tidbits are a given. 

We’ve dug up 5 facts about the movie and the match itself, that you may not have known about. The more you know, eh? 

  • The score India made in the 1983 final – 183 runs – remains the lowest total defended by any team in the history of World Cup finals. I don’t know about you, but that’s the truest testament to talent in my books.
  • The character of middle-order batsman Sandeep Patil was portrayed by his own son, Chirag Patil. The actor turned out to be a chip of the old block, at least on celluloid. 
  • In similar fashion of the Patil and Son, Mali Marshall played the character of his father and West Indian cricketing great, the late Malcolm Marshall. 
  • Actors Hardy Sandhu and Saqib Saleem, who played Madan Lal and Mohinder Amarnath respectively, were cricketers in their youth and played for the India U-19 team. 
  • The cast of the movie was trained by Balwinder Singh Sandhu, ace bowler and part of the 1983 World Cup squad.

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