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15 Apr, Monday
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8,500-year-old ruins discovered near Abu Dhabi 

The remains of an 8,500-year-old building was discovered on the island of Ghaga near Abu Dhabi and our minds are positively blown that a structure can survive for that long. 

A statement released by the Emirati Department of Culture and Tourism said that ruins now constitute the oldest known structure in the whole country. 

It is believed to have been a purely residential settlement rather than the more common business colonies that settled along the trade routes. The existence of such a colony disproves the notion that the UAE was not conducive for living and ideal only for harvesting resources or conducting trade. 

The ruin had several rooms, in which many many artifacts, including arrowheads, were found. A burial may have taken place at the spot about 5,000 years ago, which suggests some measure of cultural significance.

Similarly, the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain has historic landmarks as well, some dating back to 700 years. Fresh archaeological research on the island of Siniya has unearthed two coastal settlements with origins in the 13th or 14th century.

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