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14 Apr, Sunday
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A bottle of Mountain Dew and a death-defying stunt: a typical day for Hrithik Roshan

Certified handsome hunk and Bollywood’s resident superhero Hrithik Roshan has a new skill to add to his resume: Is proficient in riding a motorcycle down the tallest building in the world. We’re sure he’ll bag that lead role in Krrish 15.

The actor stars in the newest Mountain Dew campaign shot here, in Dubai, championing the iconic slogan Dar ke aage jeet hai. The video sees him sitting atop Burj Khalifa while an announcer informs us that speeding down the tower on a bike is a feat never before achieved. 

He stops for a moment, looks down from the dizzying height and decides that throwing caution to the wind is the way to live. One smouldering look and one bottle of ice cold Mountain Dew later he’s off to set a new world record, which he does in incredible macho fashion. 

The video is the latest one in Mountain Dew’s series of advertisements, all based around the theme of living fearlessly and taking risks to emerge victorious on the other side. A number of famous faces have appeared in them but this is the first one to be shot in Dubai. 

Roshan thanked Mountain Dew India and Emaar Dubai for giving him the opportunity. He called the experience “terrifyingly thrilling, yet liberating”. 

What do you think about the video?

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