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29 May, Wednesday
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Black suit spidey art sold for only $3.36 million

For comic book nerds and specifically fans of spiderman, Issue 8 of Marvel’s secret wars holds one of the most iconic moments in Marvel history.
Drawn by Mike Zeck, the issue debuts the Black Suit Spiderman. Unfortunately, the suit turns out to be a clingy psychotic symbiote who goes on to become Venom (Bulky, black, and long-tongued foe).

And now the original iconic artwork has become the most expensive piece of comic art in the world.

At Heritage Auction, somebody finally put a price on a legend.

Initially offered for $330,000, nostalgia and rich people syndrome took the value to a whopping $3.36 million.

The previous record was held by a page showing the first appearance of Wolverine for an issue of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ dating from 1974, sold for $657,250 (€573,650).

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