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14 Apr, Sunday
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Captain Cook’s famed Endeavour found after decades of probe

Quickfire history lesson for you guys – Captain Cook was a British explorer who chartered parts of Australia and New Zealand. The Endeavour was the vessel used by James Cook on his first voyage of discovery to the Pacific between 1768 and 1771 till British forces sunk his ship in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island in 1778. Okay, now that we’re all caught up, why is it so important?

Computer reconstruction of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavor

It’s incredibly vital to Australia and probably is one of if not the principal vessels in their maritime history.

Kevin Sumption, chief executive of the Australian National Maritime Museum, said that after more than two decades of investigation, the famous ship had been found.

The Endeavour chartered areas of the world largely unknown to Europeans at that time, including parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Researchers have spent the last 22 years investigating the area, examining several 18th-century ships within a two-square-mile space.

Computer generated reconstruction of Captain Cook's HMB Endeavour. Source: ANMM

Their investigation involved things such as comparing the wrecks with plans and measurements of Endeavour, looking at how the wrecks had been built, and the likely origin of the materials.

Sumption said that the “last pieces of the puzzle” had to be confirmed before he felt able to make the discovery public.

But now, based on “archival and archaeological evidence”, he was “convinced” the famous ship had been found.

Now all that’s left is Davy Jones’ locket.

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