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14 Apr, Sunday
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Christmas Countdown: 5 places in Dubai to sample the best Christmas plum cake

A rich, dense and fruity plum cake on the Christmas dinner table is, you could say, the OG Christmas tradition. It predates old man Santa, sparkly trees and an alleged register of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice that year. 

Think all the way back to medieval England, when the popular practice of fasting and abstaining from any kind of indulgence for many weeks before Christmas was observed, so that one could be as much of a glutton as his heart desired. 

The prototype of this cake looked a little different, more like a porridge, but evolution took it’s course and gave us what we have now. A delicious, fudgey delight chock full of exotic dried fruits. 

If plum cake is a Christmas staple in your household, this festive season shouldn’t be any different. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 places where you can get a slice (or the whole cake, we don’t judge) of fantastic plum cake in Dubai. 

Bloomsbury: This boutique bakery and artisan cafe – all the way from London –  is the perfect place to get a great cake that won’t break the bank. The exclusive seasonal collection of Christmas-y treats features sugar-free and fondant-draped varieties. 

Price range: Dh85-120 

Options: Plum cake, Sugar-free plum cake, Plum cake with fondant

You can place your order at:

Bakemart Gourmet: Bakemart Gourmet, a much-loved name in Dubai, is sure to deliver (literally and figuratively) a hearty cake that’s decadent and slightly more high-end. If you’re feeling indulgent, this one’s for you.

Price range: Dh125-140 

Options: Rich fruit plum cake, Plum cake with Royal Icing

Order at:

Ferns N Petals: A step up from your regular plum cake, this shop has an impressive variety under the general umbrella of plum cakes. The options are premium in every right and are sure to please everyone at your Christmas dinner table. 

Price range: Dh60-140 

Options: Mini plum cake, Plum cake loaf, Plum cake with Christmas decorations, Plum cake with fruits and nuts

Place your order at:

Cakewalk: Cakewalk is the bakery to check out if mid-range plum cakes of top-notch quality is what you’re looking for. The seasonal collection has much variety and is sure to offer up something that’ll tickle everyone’s taste buds. 

Price range: Dh45-105

Options: Plum cake with icing, Plum cake loaf, Rich Plum cake 

Order at:

Occasions: Occasions Cake Shop is doing God’s work this holiday season and whipping up plum cakes for under Dh50 that are just as delicious as any other. 

Price range: Under Dh50

Options: Rich plum cake

Place your order at:

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