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14 Apr, Sunday
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E-scooters: The newest hot wheels in expansion mode

Hop onto that spunky, eco-friendly thing and set out on your journey – seamlessly and hassle-free!

Yes….e-scooters are fast turning into a viable transport mode for all and gaining traction. Come 2022, five more districts are to be added to the e-scooter track network by the first quarter, thanks to the ambitious plans of the Roads and Transport Authority.

The launch of Phase I of this project rides right behind a successful experimentation phase.

The future plan for the E-scooter network includes 23 districts and several residential areas. All chosen zones will have extensively developed infrastructure to serve the riders. This, along with careful measures for traffic safety and management, will make E-scooters a safe option for commuting. 

If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, stay fit and healthy, and contribute to the creation of another full-fledged transport network in the city, it’s time you get that e-scooter and turn your commute into a breeze!

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