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14 Apr, Sunday
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Eid Al Fitr holiday announced for UAE private sector

The UAE government has announced the official holidays for private sector employees across the country on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

The break will begin on Monday, April 8 and last till 3 Shawwal (or what is equivalent to it in the Gregorian date). As per the Islamic calendar, Ramadan lasts 29 or 30 days, depending on when the Moon is sighted. Eid Al Fitr is celebrated on the first of Shawwal.

The Eid break is from Monday, April 8 (Ramadan 29), till Friday, April 12 (Shawwal 3). If you factor in the Saturday-Sunday weekends before and after the break, that’s a total of nine days off. The break then is from Saturday, April 6, till Sunday, April 14. The UAE Cabinet has confirmed a week-long public sector holiday to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. This aligns with the earlier announcement from the UAE Federal Authority for Government Human Resources. Government employees will be on paid leave from Monday, April 8 to Sunday, April 14, returning to work on Monday, April 15.
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