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20 Apr, Saturday
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Experience the future of shopping @ MOE

The Store of the Future, the first fully functioning digital concept store, has arrived at the Mall of the Emirates.

A joint experiment between Majid Al Futtaim and Cisco, the store of the future will serve as a platform for brands to shed light on the retail experience of the future.

The first retailer renting the Store of the Future is THAT Concept Store, featuring an extensive catalogue of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

Straight out of Scifi

The Store of the Future is filled to the brim with technology like virtual mirrors, augmented reality, wireless infrastructure and intelligent cameras that analyse your behaviour (is anyone getting Black Mirror Vibes yet?). 
The end result is a fully immersive, personalised and digitalised experience.

The future of retail therapy, today

The store’s ‘Lifft and Learn’ feature detects when you lift an item off the shelf, and instantly loads everything you might want to know about the product on a screen.
In another corner of the store, you can find beauty mirrors. Using Augmented Reality, you can see what makeup suits you, with zero mess.

The best part? Your purchases can be delivered straight to your door.
It’s official. 

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