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Find your favourite cup of chai in Dubai

If you are a chai lover, then you know that not all chai tastes the same. We have spent some time gathering five chai places that serve chai in their own special way, so you don’t have to waste another minute in finding the right chai for you.

Tea way

This authentic cafeteria is one of the OG of karak chai in Dubai – located on the main road of Jumeirah two. This karak chai will only cost you Dh5 out of your pocket and still is totally worth it.

And the best part? You don’t need to get out of your car to grab a cup of tea…just beep your horn and the cups will be delivered right to your window.

Karak House

If a restaurant names itself after the staple tea drink, then you know it’s going to be delish. Karak House specializes in all things karak and some flavour combinations such as – pistachio karak, rose karak, caramel karak, and saffron karak for around Dh25. You can even substitute your milk cake with karak tea.

Filli Café

You’ve must have seen this spot around due to its signature orange colour and unique logo. They’re found all over the UAE, such as Burjuman, Mirdif, and Kite Beach. They are famous for their own signature blend of Zafran Tea, which has united many tea lovers to have long talks. Zafran, also known as Saffron, is beneficial to health and when added to your beverage, it’s a combination that one can never get enough of.

This chai cup is always associated with long talks and gossip, so grab your friends and head over to any Filli Café for a fantastic cup of tea and some quality time with them that will cost just about Dh7 per cup.

Al Hara Cafeteria

Al Hara Café is a little-known Al Karama spot that packs a cup of chai full of flavour. You go there for a tea and will leave with a smile. What’s cool about them is that they have over a 100 different chai flavours, so you will never run out of options.

You can keep coming back to try out all the flavours like a true foodie or you can find your favourite and stick to that because nothing is better than the taste of comfort.

Project Chaiwala

I don’t know about you, but I have heard nothing but praises from my friends about this place. They work with the best to ethically source the freshest organic tea produce. Project Chaiwala receives all its tea from Nuxalbari Single Tea Estate in Darjeeling, while spices and fresh milk (and milk alternatives) are sourced locally to brew chai every day.

Project Chaiwala tops the list for me because of its cool concept – it serves the signature hot tea by chaiwalas in a kiosk for Dh10, giving you an authentic street experience in Al Serkal, Dubai.

Which chai place are you going to try out first?

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