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15 Apr, Monday
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Four words: Sharjah, a skatepark AND ‘kota’ Scheutz

A pro skatepark is coming to Al Hira Beach, developed by The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in collaboration with four-time world scooter rider champion Dakota ‘Kota’ Schuetz, and we’re thanking the heavens for medical insurance because we might be breaking some bones soon. It’ll all be worth it though.

Al Hira Beach is the newest upcoming destination in Sharjah and is a highly anticipated spot. It is set to open with ‘KOTA Skatepark’, the brainchild of Scheutz who is something of a big deal in the skating world. 

He’s bringing to this project, his prowess and knowledge about all things skating. His vision to create the perfect skatepark includes ramps of different levels and a variety of roller sports like skateboarding, roller skating, scootering and bicycle motocross (BMX). The park will also feature a special pump track outside the skatepark as a dedicated section for kids, complete with safety and security measures. 

One of the few-of-its kind in the country, this attraction is a concept park that will offer a fully-immersive skating experience to all the skating enthusiasts out there!

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