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14 Apr, Sunday
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Get mental health support at just Dh8 per month

A mental health support service for students and school staff at just Dh8 per month has been launched in the UAE to provide 24/7 assistance to those seeking help. 

Launched by ICAS Mena, a mental health and well-being service provider for educational institutions and organisations, the programme will give its users unlimited access to a complete support team of their own, including a trained mental health professional, a psychologist, a lawyer, a financial adviser, a dietitian, a nutritionist and a fitness or life coach. 

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A plan to make the services available throughout the year is being put into place and a direct-to-access facility is in progress. 

In order to cater to a majority of nationalities, the service is available in English, Arabic, French, Urdu and Hindi. Guidance can be sought on issues like stress, time management, managing finances, relationships, parenting, divorce, tenancy issues and childcare. 

The hotline will be handled by expert counselors trained to perform biophysical evaluations.

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