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14 Apr, Sunday
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Good news for golden visa holders; RTA eases licence rules

 We come bearing glad tidings of magical exemptions for Golden Visa holders.

If you have the golden ticket, you can just do a quick switcharoo for your old licence and get a brand new one from Dubai.

The Road Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) has issued a new directive under which holders of the Golden Visa with valid licences approved in their home countries are eligible to receive a new one from the RTA on passing the knowledge and road tests – without any training. 

Holders of the special category visa, if medically fit and above the legal age, can simply present their licences at any of the driving institutes and take the tests straightway. Training classes are not a requirement. 

The new rule proves to be a major benefit to the Golden Visa holders as they can now obtain a driver’s licence much faster and through a smoother process. Not only will it be cheaper, without the cost of the classes, but it will also be hassle-free. 

Besides, it’s a plus for nationals from countries which were not previously included in the exemptions on the foreign licence swap. Now, with the Golden Visa, they can enjoy this exclusive service. 

Here’s how you can go about applying for the swap:

One must open a traffic file with the RTA and apply for the knowledge test and pay the fees of Dh200 plus Dh20 for the knowledge and innovation fees.

After passing the knowledge test, the next step is the road test, fees for which are the same as the knowledge test. If you want to book an appointment within 48 hours of applying, you can pay an increased fee of Dh320 and get your request approved. 

It’s as simple as that! 

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