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14 Apr, Sunday
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Here’s how ‘baby shark’ continues to rule the Internet

The biggest earworm of 2016, ‘Baby Shark’, has just become the first video on YouTube to hit 10 billion views.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, congratulations, you’ve managed to live under a massive rock this whole time. For some context, think Despacito, but for kids. 

This nursery rhyme, for reasons that are beyond the comprehension of not just us but the pondering scientists of the world, went viral in 2016 and ended up on every person’s explore page, Facebook feed, Twitter wall and YouTube recommendations. We’re talking complete world domination. 

Originally a campfire song, it was revamped and reposted by Pinkfong, a South Korean entertainment company, on YouTube in 2016, with a video and everything, and it blew up. The lyrics tell the simple story of an infant shark and its shark family, involving the folks and their folks but the melody is mad catchy and we’d be lying if we said we’ve never shimmied to it ourselves. Ironically though, of course (not really). 

The song is said to have been created by camp counselors who took their inspiration from the resident shark movie ‘Jaws’. The sentiment behind the song is a bit dark, considering that it is a kids song after all, but there’s only so much that sharks do besides hunt fish, eat sailors or kill people who then go to heaven. These are all different versions of the song, by the way. Their words, not ours. 

The tune has been given multiple makeovers over the years, including dance versions by different DJs before getting the Pinkfong treatment. 

The title of the most viewed video on YouTube is pretty neat indeed and the way the little ones seem to enjoy the song, we’re not surprised that it took that crown. 

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