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15 Apr, Monday
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Look up! That’s how Dubai appears from space

Dubai looks stunning from space. Yes, it does and an astronaut would surely know. But now, you can grab a ‘celestial’ glimpse of Dubai without actually going to space.
A new light installation at DIFC’s Gate Avenue offers you a look at Dubai’s outline from space while both your feet are on the ground.

Vuow, an Amsterdam-based design studio, saves you the ex’orbitant’ trip to space with the design installation hanging 26 feet over the ground that is a rendition of satellite images of Dubai made by LED lights set to some music.

Visitors who stand beneath the illumination are treated to an energetic light display coupled with vibrant music.
The installation will be open to the public until January 29 from 7.10pm to 3am.

What a way to celebrate Dubai’s meteoric rise to becoming a metropolitan!

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