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29 May, Wednesday
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Meet Mirabel, the first Disney princess with glasses

From once damsels in distress to empowered princesses today, Disney has been trying to get the representation right. 

Disney adds to its array of demography with the new glass-wearing heroine, Mirabel – starring in its latest movie Encanto.

Nine-year-old Lowri, who had never seen a princess with glasses, wrote a letter to Disney three years ago asking them to create a character that wears frames. 

 “Unfortunately, none of the princesses wear glasses and that made me feel like I wasn’t beautiful enough,” said Lowri.

Little did Lowri know that her wish was already coming true. However, director and writer, Jared Bush could not tell her.

Lowri took to Twitter to express her joy after seeing the trailer and later thanked him for “bringing the gift of Mirabel to our screens”. 

Lowri, now 13-year-old, has written a book about a princess wearing glasses ‘Princess Rose and the Golden Glasses’ and become an ambassador for eyesight charity ‘CLEARLY’ since.

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