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14 Jul, Sunday
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New law: Now, UAE workers will get 30 days of paid leave

Here’s some news to make your 2022 better and cheer you up.

The UAE government has just announced a new law that will allow workers to avail 30 days of paid leave every year.

According to the Federal Decree Law no. 33 of 2021 concerning the regulation of labour, which shall come into effect as of February 2, private sector employees shall be entitled to a fully paid annual leave of no less than 30 days for each year of their service.

If the worker has been there between six and 12 months, he/she is entitled to two days of paid leave per month.

And here’s the best part (For workaholics I think).

If you haven’t used up your holidays, you can carry over your leave until the following year.

However, this should be done in agreement with your employer and according to the regulations in the facility. Workers are also entitled to wages for the remaining period of their annual leave, which is calculated according to the basic salary.

Woot. Woot. 

Feel free to forward this to whomsoever it may concern.

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