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18 Apr, Thursday
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New Year, New Weekend

Sunday blues? 

Pfft, that’s so last year.

Okay, but it is. Quite literally. 

Monday blues are the new thing because the new year is here and brings with it a new weekend. 

The Friday-Saturday weekend is a thing of the past. Starting this week, UAE will see a Saturday-Sunday end to the working week, a change adopted to be more aligned with world markets and international trading practices.

Fridays will be half-days, with the Friday prayers and sermons to be held after the work day ends. The country is one of the first in the world to have established a four-and-a-half day working week. This step was taken to ensure that residents can have a better work-life balance and focus better on their mental and physical health. A longer weekend will allow for more time to rest, relax and recharge, keeping employees happy and boost productivity. 

The new structure will be applied to all federal government entities. Private companies, on the other hand, can choose to change or retain the present system, but most firms are making the switch for better flow of work.


A new weekend is certainly a significant change and will take some time getting used to. Students and office employees who will resume school and work from tomorrow will feel the biggest effect but it’s only a matter of time till we all say ‘it’s Saturday, it’s the weekend!’ and it doesn’t feel like an absurdity.

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