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14 Apr, Sunday
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Only in dubai: Christmas by the sea

The word Christmas conjures up all sorts of images in our heads: almost all to do with snow, the colour red and big smiling men with flowing white beards. A festive open market by the sea says nothing but a visit to the brand new ‘Harbour Wonderland’ is sure to change your mind.

Dubai Harbour’s very first Christmas Market, ‘Harbour Wonderland’, is now open to show us a good time and make sure that we have a holly-jolly Christmas. The open market will be located against a splendid backdrop of the sea, Dubai Marina, Bluewaters Island and Palm Jumeirah so you can have a quick chat with Santa while looking out at the beautiful, blue waters. 

The market has it all, from an outdoor ice rink to a North Pole-esque Snow Zone and an incredibly unique 8m tall nautical themed Christmas Tree, erected smack in the middle of the Marina Harbour. It also features Christmas-themed activities, games and stalls.

Honourable mention goes to the fleet of giant Christmas-themed origami-style boats. We bet you haven’t heard of that one before. 

The open-for-all event is the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit, indulge in some cheer and enjoy the festivities of this holiday season. Also, it just might fill the winter-shaped hole in our hearts.

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