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29 May, Wednesday
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Pay for parking via WhatsApp: Here’s how to do it

Gone are the days when you had to get out, drag yourself to the meter, take a ticket and then walk back to the car. This got easier when SMSes came into play, but now it’s downright child’s play! And it’s done all on WhatsApp with Mahboub, RTA’s charming chatbot!

So, here’s how it will go

Step 1: Use your sixth sense to find a spot

Step 2: WhatsApp Mahboub on +971 588009090. Your message should be exactly how you pay via SMS i.e. [Plate Number][Space][Zone Number][Space][Duration]

Below are the codes of each emirate respectively:
Abu Dhabi → AUH
Sharjah → SHJ
Ajman → AJM
Umm Al Quwain → UAQ
Ras Al Khaimah → RAK
Fujairah → FUJ

Step 3: Message someone that you found parking in Bur Dubai in the evening, like a total boss.

With the use of WhatsApp, motorists will not have to pay 30 fils that they pay to UAE’s telecom service providers when paying for parking tickets using SMS.

That’s it!

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