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14 Apr, Sunday
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Picnic like the 60s this Sunday: Vintage cars, free entry and more

In a city filled with Lamborghinis and corvettes, UAE residents could be forgiven for appearing a bit nonplussed at the sight of another supercar.
But you know what gets every head turning?

The sight of a beautiful, vintage car like an Aston Martin DB4 or the older Porches.
Hosted by flat.12, a vintage car community, you can fuel up on some vintage nostalgia at Safa Park, on Sunday, January 30.

Free and beautiful

If you have a classic car, you can even drive it in and show it off. You can also pack a picnic for yourself and the kids or head over to a food truck.
The best part? The event is completely free (Not the food though)!

Is my car underage for this event? 

Eligible cars that can be shown off include classic cars, sports cars, hatchbacks and overlanders.
Obviously, modern SUV cars are not allowed.
But that’s no reason to worry as you can always park outside and still attend the event.

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