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29 May, Wednesday
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Planning to travel during Eid? Book your tickets now

Book your tickets immediately if you are planning to travel during the Eid Al Fitr holidays. Airfares are zooming.

As bookings go up, airfares will keep rising, travel industry experts said.

During the Eid Al Fitr week, the prices of the tickets will reach their peak by more than double, so it is better to book now.

How many days of break will the UAE residents get during Eid? It all depends on the sighting of the moon. The break will either be of four days or five days.

Ramadan is expected to start on April 2, 2022, while Eid Al Fitr will likely fall on May 2, the International Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences has said.

As demand for tickets increase, the airfares spike too. Heard about revenue management system? It’s at play.

Therefore, airline industry experts recommend that passengers should book their tickets as early as possible so that they can save on money.
Yes, it’s a sane suggestion. But what about those who get their leave sanctioned late? For them, we can only say wait and watch!

Some experts point out that airfares can go up to Dh2,000 or even more on Dubai and Mumbai and other popular routes as Eid draws near.
Covid has also impacted the airfares. Flights are less and so options are limited, thereby causing increase in airfare. If regular flights start before Eid, then more flights will be added and the airfares will stablise. But it’s better not to wait for the last minute; avoid the rush.

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