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14 Apr, Sunday
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Step over folks, Youngjayjay’s moves will have you dribbling for more

Messi or Ronaldo? Nah, Christian Metu.

Modern football is about being stylish, charismatic and flamboyant. Well, so is Christian Metu. The Nigerian freestyle footballer spends his time wow-ing crowds with the various tricks he has, quite literally, in his bag. Just as we found out this weekend in Karama where he conjured up a legion of awestruck fans egging him on.

Dribbling across the streets of Dubai, Christian practices for a length of a game in extra-time (120 minutes) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. From simple tricks like Rabonas and Elasticos to more elaborate handstand ball on the neck, the footballer leaves flocks of onlookers gobsmacked.

The 22-years-old exhibits Maradona-esque showmanship and style while displaying his talents with the ball as he moves and manoeuvres with, almost in a dancing fashion. He even represented Nigeria in the African Football Freestyle Championship in 2018. Is there anything he can’t do?

The Nigerian, who likes to work his way into the box from the right flank like his namesake idol Cristiano Ronaldo, said he enjoys time on the pitch as much as he does on the street. “My goal is to play professional football but I love showing people my talents and freestyling,” he said.

In fact, freestyling on the streets helped him land a job in a restaurant. “I was doing my tricks on the street and the next thing you know, this man tells me he enjoys my talents and offers me a job. At the time I needed a job to get a visa, but I would never sacrifice playing ball for a job,”

With over 7,000 followers on social media, the baller aims to spread joy across the streets of Dubai. His mindset matches with the great Ronaldinho, who once said: “Football is about joy”, and Christian is more joyful than a sub coming on and scoring with his first touch.

You can show him love on his Instagram – @youngjayjay

You can watch the full interview here:

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