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14 Apr, Sunday
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This Spinneys store puts sustainability at its core

All those who enjoy shopping for groceries, put their hands up. 

Yeah, we don’t see any hands either. 

Grocery shopping can be a dreadful chore, worse than an empty refrigerator, but fear not, for Spinneys has swooped in to save the day and save you from instant ramen dinner nights. 

The brand new branch of the popular supermarket chain, located in the gated community of Layan, Dubailand, is all about sustainability and smart consumption.

This unique store is spread across 27,000 square feet and stocks a wide variety of foodstuff, including vegetarian, vegan, organic, high-protein, free range and even with reduced fats and sugars. 

Hailing the slogan #Let’sDoBetterTogether, the store encourages customers to bring their own containers to shop for dry spices and goods like coffee and pasta to emphasise on reducing waste and recycling. Bring your own container to the deli counter and get a sweet discount!

The roof of the store is home to custom made hives that protect the bees as well as educate customers about them. As many as 650 solar panels power the store and supply part of its energy requirements. 

Locally sourced produce is an important marker of the store, aligning with its ethos of supporting farmers and smaller businesses. 

A great place to visit if you are looking to eat and do better by your body and the environment, we think it won’t be long before people in gym shorts and yoga pants start to queue up at this Spinneys.

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