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29 May, Wednesday
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What is TikTok’s new ‘eggstreme’ sport

At this point, you can’t possibly be surprised at TikTok’s weird but addictive trends. BuzZzing brings you another bizarre trend over the Tok. People are peeling raw eggs. What more can we say?


finished egg peeling challenge creds: @thomas.salwasser

♬ original sound – lottie

The ‘Raw egg peeling challenge’ has become popular over the social network. And it’s not just limited to TikTok; it has crept up everywhere on digital media. The task is to peel the eggshell off a raw egg, while this may sound easy, it really isn’t. Tweezers, blemish extractors, cuticle pushers, and toothpicks are some of the tools of preference of many users.

A lot of social media users jumped on the bandwagon to try the challenge, the popular YouTuber Ludwig also tried the challenge on his channel. His 12-minute video highlighting his attempts at the challenge logged over 4,80,000 views. Eggcellent!

Have you tried out the challenge yet? If not, which other TikTok challenges have you tried your hand at?

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