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29 May, Wednesday
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To hotel or to harbour? that is the question

All of us have to make difficult, defining decisions in our lives. For example, do I visit Winter Garden at the Habtoor Palace Hotel or Harbour Wonderland at Dubai Harbour? Now that’s a tough choice.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to choose because you can visit any of these two places to get into the Yuletide spirit and embrace the holiday cheer.

Festive food, and loads of it, for all the foodies out there, fantastic Christmas tree displays, an outdoor ice rink, meetings with Santa and all other things Christmas can be found at these outdoor markets draped in beautiful lights and a familial joy. 

Winter Garden is the ideal location if the holiday season to you is one big mukbang. Featuring al-fresco dining, international and local street food, sugary treats and baked goodies, it’s a food mania.

You’ll also be entertained while you nibble on that gingerbread and sip on that hot chocolate, for acrobats and live musicians roam free in the market. 

Harbour Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind experience. Christmas by the sea doesn’t get better than this. You can float around the outdoor ice rink (or if you’re like us, wobble like a baby deer as you clutch the railing desperately), see snow in the desert and a Christmas tree in the water only at this market. 

Christmas markets are, no doubt, a great way to step out in the best months of the Dubai seasonal calendar. They make for fun spaces where you can spend time with family, friends and loved ones this holiday season. 

Which Christmas market would you like to visit? 

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