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15 Apr, Monday
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Try these 4 pop-ups amid the dunes this winter

Gone are the times when deserts were considered gruelling places with no water. Now, you can get a full meal and good vibes. Here are some spots to consider popping by this winter.

1. Not A Space

We can thank TikTok for this one. Not A Space, Sharjah, has quickly become a fan-favourite for those venturing in the desert. The venue offers a pet-friendly location to chill on a bean bag, and enjoy some coffee or hot chocolate and some light snacks. Usually an hour’s drive from Dubai, open from 6am to 1am. 

2. The Uncommon

Also in Sharjah, The Uncommon, boasts a mirror that reflects the quaint yet picturesque landscape surrounding you. The Insta-like location offers seating around different sets of mirrors as coffee is served in cute takeaway cups. A great vibe to catch the sun setting.

3. One Degree Cafe

For a more traditional Arabic experience, this one is a must. Immerse yourself in Arabian culture at One Degree Cafe in Ajman to find camels, bedouin tents, fire shows and so much more. Food includes sliders, hot dogs, flavoured pastries and other options. Best part? It’s just a 40-minute drive from Dubai.

4. Winter Camp

Looking for a private setup in the desert for your friends and you? Well Winter Camp is just the place. Rid yourself of the stress of setting everything up as you and your friends will be able to enjoy a lounge area with fun board games and a projector. Packages for groups of 10-17 are priced at Dh1200 on weekdays and Dh1400 on weekends. That sounds like a motiveee!

Did we miss any? Let us know if you come across or know of any more we may have missed out.

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