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29 May, Wednesday
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Veganuary is a plant-based party you’re sure to enjoy a bite of

It’s time to turn those Meatless Mondays into Meatless Everydays because Veganuary is here. This worldwide celebration of veganism invites everyone to take part in a month-long challenge, in which, starting January, participants must go vegan for 31 days. People from all across the globe attempt the challenge every year and many stick to their newfound lifestyle even after the month is up.


Veganuary came about as an effort to encourage more people to transition into veganism, a  way of life that has been scientifically proven to be better, not only for our mind and body, but also for the environment. A change this drastic can be daunting and stepping into the field with the mindset of trial makes sticking to it easier. 

Dubai has shown up to the Veganuary party in full costume and is pulling out all the stops to make it exciting for local participants. A vegan food festival is taking place at the Expo and there are plenty of delicious plant-based treats to sample.


Restaurants like Seva Table, Just Vegan, Holly Organico, Soul Santa and Moreish are the perfect spots to try some vegan grub, and are great for diners with other dietary restrictions and intolerances as well.

BRB, going to fill up on some plant-based goodness.

Are you? 

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