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Why everyone should watch Vincenzo

By now, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of and probably binged Squid Game, Netflix’s breakout Korean show of 2021.

Thanks to Squid Game, I started sampling everything Netflix had to offer. After way too many sleepless nights and passive-aggressive emails from managers about sleeping at work, I’ve finally found the perfect K-drama for the novices.

His name is Vincenzo. Vincenzo Cassano.

At the age of 8, Park Joo-Hyeong went to Italy after he was adopted. Years later, he goes by the name of Vincenzo Cassano and is a lawyer.
Not just any lawyer though. He is a consigliere, a lawyer for the Italian Mafia.  

When inter-mafia wars break out, Vincenzo escapes to South Korea, where he ends up dealing with corrupt businesses, officials, and the occasional thug, in true mafia-style.

Here’s why you should drop everything and watch Vincenzo.

Reason number 1: Vincenzo


While many shows exist with morally grey characters, it’s very rare that a show crafts a character like Vincenzo. Vincenzo from the get-go is unapologetically a mafioso. While he might have a strict code to follow, he is not a good guy. But also, not a bad ‘bad’ guy.

Did I mention, the actor, Song Joong Ki, delivers a masterclass in acting. He jumps from cute to smoldering and then whips to become a menacing enforcer.

This show has everything. Like, literally everything


Vincenzo is a K-drama that struggles to stick to one genre. However, thanks to some seriously awesome writing, it manages to shift tones from fluffy romance to slapstick comedy to dark and gritty crime thriller with ease.

The world-building is actually awesome 


In a show with many antagonists and side characters, it would be easy for characters to become wall art. However, nearly every character in Vincenzo is fleshed out with motivations and backstories. From a post-modern dance teacher to a corrupt but superstitious journalist, there are too many awesome characters to keep a track of.

More twists than the small intestine

Mild spoilers ahead.

At first, the main antagonist isn’t revealed. Traditionally, the reveal wouldn’t happen until the end. However, Vincenzo reveals its big bad wolf in episode 4.

The best part? The story just keeps getting better.

The pigeon isn’t real. And Italy is a hoax. 

Look at this pigeon.

That’s CGI.

Now, look at this amazing shot from the scenes set in Italy.

That’s CGI.

Combining top-notch CGI with masterful cinematography, Vincenzo draws you into the world and leaves you awestruck.

Final words from a lifelong fan


The only con is the feeling of emptiness and wistfulness you feel after finishing the series. If you haven’t watched Vincenzo for the first time, I’m soooo jealous.

Nuff said. Hurry and binge Vincenzo on Netflix!

The resident ursine of BuzZzing .com, Mahesh always be found jumping from one obsession to the other and sometimes even writes about them. While not juggling hobbies, writing, and existential crises, he tries to get people to call him Nakashima.

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