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14 Apr, Sunday
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Buy gold & eat it too in Dubai

All that glitters is good enough to eat.

Dubai’s fav garnish isn’t regular, just like nothing in the capital of luxury is regular. Gold is cool to wear but dope to eat too! So Midas…well get into where you can find gold-infused food in Dubai.

O’Pao – Al Karama

O’Pao specialises in Indian sliders and has given Mumbai’s fav street snack a DXB touch. The eatery in Al Karama has glazed vada pavs, priced at Dh99, with 22-karat gold and filled with truffle butter and cheese. It’s served in a Davy Jones-esque treasure chest accompanied by sweet potato fries. From street food to suave, pretty cool.

Bombay Borough – DIFC

Located at Dubai International Financial Centre, this restaurant serves the most expensive biryani in the world. And here’s why the Royal Gold Biryani is so expensive. The biryani comprises gold-crusted seekh kebabs and lamb chops, delicious koftas, and rice over a bed of saffron. Yum right? By the way, it costs Dh1,000; I guess it’s time to save up.

Scoopi Cafe – Jumeirah

Among the world’s most expensive ice creams lies the ‘Black Diamond’ ice cream. Hop on to Scoopi Cafe to enjoy the delight topped with 23 karat gold served in a Versace bowl with a silver spoon. Your wallet will be Dh3,000 lighter, but it’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

Hard Rock Cafe – Dubai Festival City

This Hard Rock Cafe has a little opulent touch to it compared to its counterparts worldwide. Their burgers, priced Dh367, come with lettuce, cheese, and the other usual suspects and bless customers with 24-karat gold toppings.

Food Ka Mood

Karak Chai is a staple, but Food Ka Mood added some gold to their tea in true Dubai fashion. To be honest, it’s not a little gold; it’s 24 karat gold spread over the beverage. The coolest thing about this hot drink is the nitrogen dry ice smokey effect while being served. Costing you Dh51, it’s the most modest on our list.

Don’t worry about overindulging in the gold-infused food. Just means you’ll internalise the gilt!

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