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14 Apr, Sunday
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5 foods to savour as you soak in the wet weather

*Raindrops falling on my head, they keep falling*

Dubai was showered with bountiful rains, enchanting residents and tourists with a Disney-esque landscape. As the clouds wrap Dubai’s skyline in a loving embrace, the BuzZzing team shares with you top five comfort foods that you can munch on during the rainy days.

Samosa and Masala Chai

*Squeals in Shah Rukh Khan*

The classic combination, birthed from the Indian sub-continent but loved all over the GCC, was the first one we thought of! Easier than getting the password for your friend’s Netflix account, the cheap but fulfilling duo is everywhere and loved by all. You can grab a samosa and chai for less than Dh5 at any of the tea shops sprawled across Dubai.

Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate

A quick-fire fix for those in need of cuddles and movie vibes! As simple as opening the packet and stirring a cup, the cute date night staple has its fair share of fanatics. You can cater to your sweet tooth for a little under Dh20 to the combo. So put on some cozy socks, put on a rom-com and enjoy the sweet bliss.

Cup Noodles and Crackers

We know what you’re thinking but hear us out.

You’re probably wondering why we’re asking you to mix two perfectly good snacks together. The answer is simple, savoury euphoria. The soupy cup noodles coupled with the crunch of the crackers are amazing. You can grab the pair from your closest grocery for Dh6 or under. Get ready for some flavourful fireworks!

Coffee and Donuts

Sometimes less is more.

The simple yet textbook combo brings two fanbases together – Coffee-cianados and Dough-nuts. In about Dh12 you can help yourself to satisfying, warm, food-version of a metaphorical hug. Again, easily available AROUND THE WORLD.


You didn’t really think we’d miss this, did you?

Let’s be honest, we don’t really need rains or any excuse to chomp on some shawarma. Dubai’s unofficial staple comes in all shapes and sizes but is almost always affordable. Ranging anywhere from Dh5 to Dh10, you can feast on the wrap and taste the essence of Dubai in each bite. Tastes like home, doesn’t it?

What are some other comfort foods that you like? Let us know in the comments below.

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