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14 Apr, Sunday
° C
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Watching birds in their different moods is quite refreshing and destressing. Their flight fills us with hope and makes us aim for the sky. Their voice reflects an unmatched innocence. And as they hunt for food – from morn till eve – we are reminded that we should battle for survival and keep our pursuit for joy intact…

TIME TO UNWIND: A bird sits on the edge of a branch in Madha, along Oman-UAE border, on the first day of 2022.

Ready to Take Off: This Flamingo is about to take off for its next flight to no where.

Only and Lonely: A stork stands lonely early one morning at RAK beach.

Home Coming: Local pigeons land back home at the end of the day.

Hunt Begins: : A bird hunts for morning food at Fujairah beach.

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