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5 must-visit museums in Dubai

Dubai has a number of museums that won’t cease to amaze you. They are well-designed and are a treasure trove. As the Museum of the Future is opened to public tomorrow, we list 5 other museums that are a must-visit in Dubai

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort

Have you ever wondered how everyday life was in Dubai in the days before oil was discovered? Well, you will find life-size dioramas depicting the same. Galleries recreate scenes from the Creek, traditional Arab houses, mosques, the souk, date farms and desert and marine life.

Oli Oli Museum

It is a must-visit world-class children’s museum. OliOli® is the Hawaiian word for ‘joy’ and entails eight galleries with over 45 interactive exhibits. Lovingly designed and inspired by ideas of educators, artists, development psychologists and museum experts from 12 countries, the museum offers children the ability to engage in open-ended and non-judgmental play, learn to take risks in low-stakes environments, use their hands to make things and problem-solve, gain fascination with STEAM in a joyful manner – and most importantly, play and bond with their families.

Come, explore, be curious, discover and find joy!

Museum of Illusion

Wrack your brains to solve those perception-distorting puzzles. Witness optical trickery and feel bizarre sensory experiences at this museum in Dubai’s Al Seef. From anti-gravity rooms to an infinity tunnel and clone table, Museum of Illusions is best enjoyed with a group of mates. Prepare for hours of fun and photos (and being mesmerized).

Coin Museum

Fancy yourself as a coin collector (or numismatic if you so please), then take a round of this museum that gives you real bang for your buck. One of the smaller exhibits in Dubai, check out some 470 different coins in eight rooms spread out over two floors, each containing a different theme. Currency on display comes from numerous eras and geographical regions including Egypt, Turkey and the UAE, and entry is free.

Coffee Museum

Coffee has been a part of Middle Eastern heritage for nearly as long as it has been a drink. Located in Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical District, this shrine to caffeine consumption is dotted with intriguing artefacts and showcases a wide selection of antique items, illustrating regional and international coffee history and culture. The ground floor is divided into zones reflecting the traditions of different coffee-drinking cultures, and upstairs you’ll find the literature room, which displays texts related to coffee.

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