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14 Apr, Sunday
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And the best boss award goes to…

There are good bosses, bad bosses, and great bosses, and this particular one just got the TikTok community’s stamp of approval.

TikToker Jess recently posted a video where she cut a screengrab of an email her manager sent her, and TikTok went offffffff.

The quickfire video took us on a rollercoaster with Jess’ as her boss emailed her asking her to call once she had the chance. A familiar emotion, one of fear.

Like most of us would imagine, this spells catastrophe, and as Jess began to freak out, her boss found a way to make her a lot more relaxed, assuring her nothing was wrong and that he was just checking up on her.

The email continues: “Call me when you have a chance – NOTHING IS WRONG! We haven’t spoken and I wanted to see how your holidays were.”

The video has racked up more than 600,000 likes, with many people praising the simple but effective approach calling it the ‘perfect email’ by a boss.

TikTok’s official LinkedIn account chimed in, writing, “The best boss award goes to….”

What’s the nicest thing your boss has done for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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