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14 Apr, Sunday
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Brain tumours removed from 52-year-old woman patient

Doctors at Tawam Hospital, part of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), have successfully removed multiple benign brain tumours from a 52-year-old Iraqi woman.

The complex 22-hour surgery was carried out for two days by a multidisciplinary team of specialists led by the hospital’s Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr. Mohammed Asha.

When the patient was referred to Tawam Hospital, she was suffering from difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, and paralysis of the vocal cords on the left side. Examined by a team of ENT specialists and neurologists, images showed the presence of multiple tumours, with large sizes of 3 to 6cm, in the neck and the base of the skull, which non-invasive methods could not treat.

After careful examination, the combined team of Neurosurgery and ENT at Tawam Hospital arranged a complex surgical plan that included multiple stages of operation over two consecutive days. The procedure started with the tumours being dissected from the woman’s neck before doctors moved up to the skull base. The surgical team performed a craniotomy to remove tumours from around the brainstem on the second day.

Dr Asha, who specialises in brain tumour surgery and skull base surgery, led the multidisciplinary team that oversaw the successful removal of all traces of the tumours without compromising the patient’s neurological functions. As a result, the patient fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital within a few days. She has since returned to her normal life after a period of swallowing rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Dr Mohammed Asha, FRCS (SN), Consultant Neurosurgeon at Tawam Hospital, said, “These kinds of tumours require extensive surgical interventions and are often labelled as surgically untreatable due to its complexity and the severe risks involved. With the latest technologies and a highly-skilled multidisciplinary medical team, the tumours can be successfully removed without damaging the nerves.

“With the operation lasting 22 hours, it is an incredibly complex and intricate surgery that is only possible with the dedication and skill of our team at Tawam Hospital. The success of this surgery and the fact the patient was able to recover in record time with no complications is an incredible milestone that is a testament to SEHA’s commitment towards offering pioneering multidisciplinary medical care. We are proud to be able to position the UAE as a healthcare hub that achieves global standards.”

The patient and her family have since expressed their gratitude to the UAE, its leadership and SEHA’s medical team for the excellent care that she had received. Since the operation, the patient’s condition has improved, all senses functioning normally and with no post-operation complications.

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