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15 Apr, Monday
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Hilton waiters in Dubai now can take pro-level photos for you

Ladies and gentlemen, why would you awkwardly pose for selfies when you could have expert photographers take amazing shots for you?
The good people at Hilton Hotels have unveiled a new course that takes the common waiter to the next level.

Amazing cuisine, exceptional service with a side of photography

The Waitographer programme trains Hilton staff in bars and restaurants to use smartphones to get sharp and vibrant visuals.
Even better is the fact that they are being trained by famed Middle East photographer, Roger Moukarzel.
Once the training is complete, the newly minted shutterbugs will be given a certificate and a badge that helps guests easily identify those with good photography and waiting skills.
There are now nearly 100 Hilton staff who have passed the photography workshop. And they’ll be rolling out an online course to other Hilton hotels around the world.

So, the next time you order a Hilton main, remember to add a side order of a photoshoot!

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