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29 May, Wednesday
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Christmas Countdown: Leafy beauties at satwa

Real Christmas trees in Dubai are a true rarity, for obvious reasons. But where there is a will, there is a way and that way involves a car, possibly Lady Google (for those with a broken internal compass) and a love for all things festive and joyous. 

Let us take you to Hudaiba Street, tucked away in a corner of Satwa.

When you drive down Hudaiba Street, rows upon rows of fresh, green Christmas trees will pass through your line of sight. Packed in the backs of trucks parked by the pavement, these leafy beauties hail from the land of Canada and fill the air with a sweet smell you won’t find elsewhere in Dubai. 

Hudaiba Street, also known as Plant Street, is an open market of sorts where you can find real Christmas trees of different sizes and types.


Prices vary according to the kind of tree you choose, but it’s a free space that welcomes a little bargaining so if you’re skilled at haggling, you’ll bag yourself one of these quite easily. Generally, 5-6ft Fir costs around Dh 500 and then it’s upwards from there, both the height of the tree and the price tag. You’ll find trees as tall as 8ft. 

Every year, tree sellers in this iconic part of Satwa prepare themselves for the festive season by stocking up on Canadian Firs. Demand is always high with the supply coming from limited places. Buyers rush to get their hands on the best tree for the best price and you can be sure Satwa is definitely a place they’ll visit. 

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