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15 Apr, Monday
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District 2020: Dubai’s 15-minute city of the future

District 2020 will continue on Expo 2020 site as a human-centric city, driven by the needs of its urban community. 

With people valuing time and health more, it calls for a city design, where you don’t have to spend much time getting from one place to another, and everything is available for you, essentially unlocking a lot more time for you to spend on things that matter personally. District 2020, the future of Expo 2020 Dubai, aims to do exactly that.

It is the first community in the region to be registered under the WELL community standard pilot, an initiative of WELL Building Standard.

World Expo’s build environment will be transitioned in phases into residential, commercial, and cultural neighbourhoods. More than 200,000 sqft of the floor area of LEED Gold and Platinum structures from Expo will be retained in the development.

An autonomous vehicle(AV) will provide clean and efficient mobility by aiding to physically connect across District 2020. The futuristic city will be powered by 5G and IoT.

District 2020 hails from the idea of wellness for its residents, workers, and visitors thereby providing many fitness-oriented amenities such as 10km of bike tracks and 5km of jogging tracks.

It will have ample outdoor spaces for recreation, sports, and socializing. It will be fully walkable.

The Neighbourhood unit devised by Clarence Perry sets the inspiration for the 15-minute-city concept. 

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  • Rizin Rahman

    Great… The growth and development of Dubai never stops. It brings more life to the normal city day. Anyway thanks Author for letting us know about this in a very simple way. ?

    February 4, 2022
  • Muhammed nabeel luqman

    Appreciate that

    February 4, 2022
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