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14 Apr, Sunday
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This is your chance to become one of the ‘Men in Black’

If your childhood dream was to attain Coolness Level: Infinite by becoming a secret agent, but life got in the way (as it always does), we’re here to tell you that it’s time to revive that dream. 

Dreamscape’s latest virtual reality experience, MIB: First Assignment, will immerse you into the ‘Men in Black’ world for a full 35 minutes of badass adventure. Located in Mall of the Emirates, the outlet has unveiled the latest location-based, free-roaming mission, where you can step into the shoes of Agent K and Agent D to save the Zarthahians, intergalactic creatures fighting their alien enemies, the Octopoids. 

The game can be played in multiplayer mode, with groups of 6 people who will be your fellow agents. Together, you can ride on a train and fly on hoverbikes across the vast galaxies. Just try not to throw up afterwards.

The experience feels shockingly real and slightly surreal, with incredible graphics, and realistic height, distance and perspective. Players are to stand on a platform that mimics the sensation of the movement in the game and will even feel a recreation of the physical G-forces. 

Tickets are priced at Dh78.75 per person. Head over to Dreamscape on Level 2 of Mall of the Emirates or book your slot at 

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