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14 Apr, Sunday
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Dive into DXB’s ‘aquatic’ lifestyle

Dubai is one of the most fabulous destinations on the planet to experience the best of worlds. Opulence oozes out of the emirate’s land-based infrastructure, but then again, this is Dubai. The emirate doesn’t just stick to land like the rest of the world. It’s now taking over water, and here’s how.

Floating villas

Ever wanted an escape from the world? Well, DXB has just the solution for you. Floating villas across the UAE are being sold like fishcakes; oops, we meant hotcakes. The Floating Seashore Villas comprises 133 villas that can sleep up to eight people, and 131 have been sold. They’re not the only ones in high demand, as Kempinski is set to manage Dubai’s floating villas project, with 12 villas connected to the main villa in the middle, but more on that later.

Underwater restaurant – Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm

Although this hotel isn’t completely submerged in water, the Ossiano restaurant gives you precisely those vibes. It’s home is one of the largest aquariums globally, which forms the feature wall of the dining floor. The stunningly ornate fine dining dishes are served to customers gazing into the looming aquarium, filled with more than 65,000 marine life.

Buoyant Hotels

Here at BuzZzing, we save the best for last. Remember the Kempinski project from earlier? Well, those same 12 villas connect to a FLOATING PALACE. The Palace interiors will be designed by Aston Martin, and let’s be honest, where else but Dubai would you find a buoyant palace? Located on the Arabian Gulf, the floating five-star resort will open to guests in 2023, boasting 156 rooms and suites and the floating Neptune villas. Here’s what’s cooler, guests checking in will arrive via speedboat from the famous beaches on Jumeirah Beach Road (JBR). Wait for it; it’s getting cooler – A connected floating helipad that will accommodate up to 16 yachts will allow billionaires and other guests to arrive in style. One of the dopest aspects of the villas is detaching from the dock and cruising at a max speed of 6 nautical miles. OOOO, it’s also equipped with solar panels and is environmentally friendly.

Must be fun under the sea Ariel, but it’s not as fun as being in Dubai.

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