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14 Apr, Sunday
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Etihad Rail: Criss-cross the country in just 100 minutes

The Etihad Rail is the latest project in the UAE’s long list of ambitious plans for the future and will establish a route that will transport passengers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in just 50 minutes. 

The spunky new trains will reach speeds of up to 200km/hr and will drastically reduce travel time to many parts of the country. Once the line is up and running, you’ll be able to make a cross-country journey in just 100 minutes. Take a seat in Abu Dhabi and a quick nap later you’re in Fujairah. It’s like magic. 

The train will be connecting 11 cities across the country and is expected to see moving traffic of 36.5 million passengers every year by 2030. Boasting all the features of a typical high-speed train, it will have stylish interiors, comfortable seats and an aerodynamic design. 

Similar to airplane seating, the coaches will be divided according to the ticket class. The arrangement follows a 2+2 format, according to the image and some of the seats have foldable trays for eating or working. Wi-Fi, charging points, microwave units and designated areas for wheelchairs will elevate the travel experience.

The UAE Railways Programme is set to become the largest integrated system for transporting goods and passengers. Rail Passenger Services, Freight Rail and Integrated Transportation Service are the three key parts of the project. 

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