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15 Apr, Monday
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Don’t drive cars, fly them! Dubai becomes home to flying car test run

The time for supercars has zoomed past, it’s a hyper-car time. And not just a regular hypercar, ONE THAT FLIES!

A flying car capable of reaching top speeds of 220 kilometres per hour (kmph) at 3,000ft has been tested in Dubai. 

A scaled-down model of the electric ‘volar’ eVTOL prototype made the test flight in November last year, but was only unveiled this week by Bellwether Industries. 

The video shared by the company shows the futuristic vehicle taking off and reaching an altitude of nearly 13 ft and a top speed of 40kmph before landing safely.

Want to know a cool fact? eVTOL stands for electric vertical takeoff and lift aircraft. 

This could change transportation as we know it. Looks like it’s time to ring in the Jetsons.

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