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29 May, Wednesday
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Holidaying in Dubai gets simpler. This is how…

Vacationing in Dubai just got a whole lot easier, thanks Department of Economy and Tourism (DET)’s brand new ‘one-stop-shop’ online portal for timeshare operators. 

The Timeshare Portal will make the lives of timeshare operators in Dubai smooth and hassle free. They can use this website to handle a number of professional procedures like register their timeshare properties, apply for permits as licensed operators and renew them on a yearly basis. 

The aim of setting up such a service is to give the tourism, hospitality and property sectors a boost by packaging holiday homes as an attractive opportunity to investors. With increased input of investment, the tourism sector is expected to witness remarkable growth and further cement Dubai’s position as one of the top destinations to visit and holiday home ownership. 

What is a timeshare? 

A timeshare, also known as vacation ownership, is a property that has divided ownership or rights of usage. Typically found in holiday homes, this system allotts a specified period of time to each owner. The multiple parties have the right to use the property. 

The portal is supported on the backbone of the Timeshare Law, established to protect the rights of all parties involved and regulate the timeshare industry. 

A seamless user experience, the portal will not only encourage foreign investors to choose Dubai’s real estate and hotel offerings but also make approvals quick and easy as well as educate customers and users of the portal about how timeshare works in Dubai. 

How does the portal work?

For timeshare operators:

  • Register to become a licensed timeshare operator
  • Submit applications for your timeshare property
  • Renew your practice permit every year

For customers:

  • Gain easy access to all information regarding timeshare properties and procedures in Dubai
  • Obtain smooth approvals

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