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14 Apr, Sunday
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How to beat your kid’s Winter break boredom

Expo 2020 has swept the field as the saviour of all weary parents looking to deposit their children somewhere safe so they can have some much-deserved alone time (may we suggest a sweet Expo date) and it’s pure genius. 

The Kids’ Winter Festival kicked off on December 20 and will run till January 8, 2022 from 12pm to 8pm at Wadi Avenue, Jubilee Park, next to the Malaysian Pavilion. 

The perfect package to keep your little ones busy while they take time off from school for winter break, it features a load of fun activities to do for smaller and older kids alike. 

The festival has exciting games like treasure hunts and sports, arts and crafts, movie screenings, face painting, bouncy castles, an inflatable park, DJ’s and food trucks. 

It is open and free to enter for all Expo 2020 Dubai ticket holders. 

We just might show up to the bouncy castle ourselves. No judgement please.

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