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12 Jul, Friday
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Dubai to get new multi-million Hartland luxury shopping mall

Sobha Realty has commenced the construction of first of its kind Mall for its flagship community Sobha Hartland in the heart of Dubai. With an estimated cost of AED 210 million, the project blends the vibrancy of retail space with the serenity of an urban park, while ensuring exceptional experiences for residents and visitors. The mall is scheduled to be completed in second half of 2026. The new mall is being meticulously designed to set new standards for a luxury mall, which perfectly combines nature, culture, gastronomy and recreation. The mall’s exquisite features will provide an inspiring and memorable experience, promoting a sense of community and elevating the quality of life for residents of Sobha Hartland.
Ravi Menon, Co-Chairman of Sobha Group, said: “We are delighted to unveil our new mall, which is a testament to our long-standing commitment towards elevating living experiences for our residents. The project underscores our vision to create integrated and community-focused spaces that seamlessly combine convenience while offering multi-tier retail stores, gourmet dining and diverse entertainment options. Beyond a retail space, the mall is designed to be a pivotal hub for community engagement that offers an ideal blend of nature, culture and recreation that will elevate the living quotient of community members and visitors.”
With a built-up area of approximately 339,000 square feet and a gross leasable area of around 115,000 square feet, the project will house a variety of amenities, including a supermarket, gym, play courts, a soft play/entertainment zone and diverse restaurants offering a wide range of food choices. It will feature 35 retail shops and F&B outlets, along with over 10 unique dining options, establishing a new gastronomic destination for the community.
In line with its commitment to sustainability, Sobha Realty has designed the mall featuring greenery, water features, natural lighting, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, green building materials and a skylight roof for natural light. Furthermore, innovative technologies such as interactive displays, smart lighting systems and digital wayfinding will be integrated to enhance visitor experiences.
Additionally, the mall will feature a variety of unique architectural elements, such as a vibrant bowl with a cascading void stretching from the basement to the roof, creating a dramatic retail experience and a media screen strategically placed on the facade to enhance visibility. The biophilic design includes green walls, water features, floating pods and natural lighting to foster a serene atmosphere. The skylight roof will allow natural light to illuminate the interior and support plant growth.
The project marks Sobha Realty’s strategic foray into the UAE’s retail sector, emphasising its commitment to delivering exceptional living experiences. The mall prioritises the convenience and evolving demands of consumers in the community and in line with this it offers a curated retail mix for everyday and specialty needs, diverse global dining options and ample parking spaces. Furthermore, it is strategically located to ensure excellent view from Ras Al Khor Road.

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