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20 Apr, Saturday
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Fearless Fazza marks 14 years as Crown Prince. Here are his most adventurous feats

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed is one of the most loved persons in the UAE. February 1 marks the anniversary of Sheikh Hamdan’s, endearingly called Fazza, 14th anniversary as the Crown Prince of Dubai. 

His love of adventure and animals, and passion for the country has gained him millions of followers over social media. Extreme sports, scary feats, death-defying experiences, there’s nothing Fazza can’t do. BuzZzing dug through the archives to take a look at all the adrenaline-fuelled activities he has undertaken over the years.

Flying a motorised plane

Recognised for his fine automotive skills, Fazza shared a teeth-gnashing video of himself flying a motorised paraplane. He smoothly manoeuvres it mid-air with the help of a parachute. After controlling it with ease, the aircraft is seen flying several metres above the ground, but he surely flew his way into the hearts of many as the video went viral over social media just minutes after being posted.

Diving into the world’s deepest pool

The Deep Dive holds an enormous 14 million litres of water and has a depth of 60 metres. While it may seem too scary to some, Fazza took his 12 million followers from Instagram to the depths of this Dubai attraction. Talk about a huge splash.

Skydiving over DXB

For Fazza, even the sky isn’t the limit. The Crown Prince is a keen fan of skydiving, posting multiple videos of himself jumping off helicopters and planes catapulting through the air to the ground. Graceful as an angel in the sky, Fazza always manages a cool-as-a-cucumber landing.

Scaling the world’s tallest building

Everyone knows that the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Well,Sheikh Hamdan knows what the view is like from ON TOP OF IT! Outfitted in his climbing gear, Fazza took a snap of him standing on the tip of the spire waving the UAE flag without the slightest hint of fear. By the way, he’s done it once before in 2013 too.

Riding atop Ain Dubai

The world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, is just something to be scaled; which he did. Ahead of its official launch, Sheikh Hamdan perched himself on top of the wheel casually sipping a beverage. Chill as can be, he posted the impressive video on social media. No biggie! it just garnered over 10 million views.

The BuzZzing team would like to congratulate and celebrate Fazza’s 14 years as Crown Prince of Dubai. You can show him love on his instagram – (add link to his IG)

What stunt do you think the fearless Crown Prince will pull off next? Let us know

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