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20 Apr, Saturday
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Greece’s best nuts (and beans) to land in Dubai

Famous for its chocolates, nuts, and coffee, Carpo will soon open its first store in the Middle East at The Dubai Mall in early 2022. 

But what is carpo? 

Carpo is best known for their completely unique product combination: the threefold “Nuts, Chocolate & Coffee”. 

However, the ‘carpo’ concept is infinitely more than just retail, carpo is a philosophy. 

In ancient Greece, Carpo was a deity of time and weather. who was also the protector of harvesting.

Much like their patron deity, the Greek-based chocolatier invests painstaking efforts, to deliver a gourmet experience that titillates all your senses by adding a new dimension to indulgence. And soon, you can experience this for yourself in Dubai. 

Get ready to treat your tongue like a king! 

From Himalayan and sea-salted to raw nuts, a delicious variety of chocolate pieces, pralines, truffles, pasteli, and Florentine, your palate will thank you for taking you to carpo. 

Also, the store will offer masterly prepared coffees along with handmade desserts, such as rice pudding, semolina halva, and brioche that all guests can enjoy in-store. You can also become the Master of Gifting since all their products will also be offered in limited edition collections of handmade carpo hampers.

See you soon at carpo!

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