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Have you seen these hidden, gorgeous islands?

When anyone mentions islands in the UAE, the usual suspects crop up. Snoopy, Saadiyat, and Sir Bani Yas are well known and therefore so passe. Well, if you are in the mood to venture off the beaten path, here are three of UAE’s hidden gems.

Dalma Island – Abu Dhabi

Head on over to Sir Baniyas ferry terminal to access this quaint island. For a cheap price of Dh20 per person, you can get away from the bustle and feel the zen. While a bit barren on the food and activity side, you’ll enjoy taking in the beautiful scenery and the flocks of Socotra Cormorant. 

Crescent Moon Island –  Dubai

A tiny sliver of sand, Crescent Moon Island is counted among the best places to snorkel in Dubai. Fancy fishing? Amazingly, fishing is permitted on the island and you can also jetski. 

Located 50km off the coast of Dubai, you will need a boat to reach this sandbar. 

Saraya Island – Ras Al Khaimah

Originally meant to be a massive project with hotels, restaurants, and a waterpark, the plans have been abandoned for over a decade. But, there’s no need to feel sad. 

Saraya Island has become a camping spot to rival the best. When you wake up after a late-night barbeque, what meets your eyes is gorgeous scenery with a sparkling, sapphire seashore and the majestic Hajar Mountains.

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