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29 May, Wednesday
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This man earns £20 an hour by just standing in queue

Yes, standing in queues and long lines seems tedious, but sometimes there’s a monetary incentive.

You can make some money by standing in lines for others, just like professional queuer Freddie Beckitt.

The Londoner said waiting in line for long hours is never a problem for him. But the work needs a lot of patience and a cool head. He even claimed the best jobs in his line of work are to get tickets for popular events.

Freddie might be on to something ingenious. Hear me out, think of the scalability, drugstores, shopping malls and even ATMs have queues, that’s a lot of standing and a fair share of remuneration. Then when the clients pile up because of good PR coverage (like that of BuzZzing), maybe a linestanding agency can open its doors.

Okay let’s not get ahead of ourselves, after all we all hate a queue-cutter.

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